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Heller “seeking safety in numbers” by including Amodei in upcoming town hall

Vulnerable Republican Senator Dean Heller has a town hall coming up in Reno on Monday. But he’s still doing his best to hide from his constituents by holding it on a Monday morning (you know, when most people are at work) and forcing his high school buddy, Congressman Mark Amodei, to take all the tough questions.

Don’t take our word for it – or the AP’s: Heller literally said yesterday behind closed doors that he’s doing this town hall because it’s “one of those boxes you gotta check” and explained that he’s doing it with Amodei because “he’ll do all the talking.”


AP: Lawmakers try to keep town halls from getting out of control



In Arkansas, Rep. French Hill will hold his first town hall of the year on Monday — but in the middle of the afternoon, and with the state’s Republican junior senator, Tom Cotton, at his side. Nevada’s Dean Heller, one of the more vulnerable GOP senators in 2018, will also hold his first town hall of 2017 on Monday, in the morning. And he, too, is apparently seeking safety in numbers by including Republican Rep. Mark Amodei.


The Nevada Independent: Heller: Trump administration “is pretty incredible,” and he’s doing a town hall because “it’s one of the boxes you gotta check”

APRIL 12TH, 2017 – 5:55PM

GOP Sen. Dean Heller told a conservative group Wednesday that the Trump administration “is pretty incredible.”

During a meeting of the conservative and usually staid Keystone Corporation in Las Vegas, interrupted several times by protesters who had paid to be at the luncheon, Heller also talked about having to do a town hall next week because it is “one of those boxes you gotta check.”


On his town hall next Monday in Reno with Rep. Mark Amodei, Nevada’s senior senator joked that he was doing a joint event with Amodei because “’he’ll do all the talking.” And then this: “Two hours of town hall meeting, two hours of people yelling at you, it’s going to be quite the experience.”

He loves the people!