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Behind Closed Doors, Dean Heller Praises “Pretty Incredible” Trump Administration

Las Vegas, NV – Republican Senator Dean Heller banned news media from his luncheon yesterday with the conservative Keystone Corporation… but progressive activists still found their way inside to protest Heller and record part of the meeting on Facebook. Behind closed doors with conservative donors, Heller was praising the “pretty incredible” Trump administration, touting his rubber stamp for Trump’s unqualified Cabinet, and dismissing public town halls with his constituents as “one of those boxes you gotta check.”

Heller on President Trump:

  • “I’ll tell you, this administration is pretty incredible.”
  • “I’ve had every one of his nominees come into my office.”
  • “Right now, I’ve supported all of his nominees. I have supported, obviously, Gorsuch.”

Heller on Town Halls:

  • “By the way, I am doing a town hall meeting on Monday. Amodei and I, and I chose to do it with Amodei ‘cause he’ll do all the talking.”
  • “So it’s gonna be a long day, to say the least. Two hours of town hall meeting, two hours of people yelling at you, it’s going to be quite the experience. But it’s one of those boxes you gotta check.”