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Nevada Senate Dems Take Action to Fix the Roberson Gun Loophole

Carson City, NV – Today, the Nevada Senate held a hearing on Senate Bill 124, legislation to fix the ‘Roberson gun loophole’ that allows some stalkers and domestic abusers to buy firearms. The bill was presented by Senator Pat Spearman.

“Nevadans should be proud of Senator Pat Spearman’s determined efforts to fix the reckless Roberson gun loophole created by Republican leadership in 2015,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “It’s hard to imagine how Nevada voters would ever elect a Lieutenant Governor like Michael Roberson who fought so hard to protect the gun lobby’s profits and the gun rights of stalkers and domestic abusers instead of defending the safety of women and families. Senator Roberson should probably spend less time launching petulant attacks on Twitter and start working with Democrats to fix this loophole that endangers victims of stalking and domestic violence.”