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ICYMI – Scott Hammond & Becky Harris Voted Against Banning Conversion Therapy for LGBTQ Minors

Carson City, NV – In case you missed it, State Senators Scott Hammond and Becky Harris joined with a handful of their Republican colleagues yesterday to vote against a bill with strong bipartisan support to ban sexual orientation or gender identity conversion therapy on LGBTQ youth in Nevada. Senator Hammond is reportedly exploring a run for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District, and Senator Harris is up for re-election in a battleground district.

In his Morning Flash newsletter today, Jon Ralston wrote: “This is not just a discredited practice; it is evil. It causes depression and worse. These are facts. And yet Pete Goicoechea, Don Gustavson, Becky Harris, Scott Hammond and Joe Hardy (a doctor!) voted against banning this abhorrent practice? This is very close to a disqualifying vote. Grotesque. Only word for it.”

“Nevadans who believe in tolerance and LGBTQ equality should be appalled by these Republican Senators who want to impose the discredited and disgusting practice of conversion therapy on young kids,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “This narrow-minded ideological agenda embraced by extreme social conservatives is deeply harmful to LGBTQ Nevadans and completely out of sync with our state’s values. Make no mistake, Senators Hammond and Harris are going to have to explain and defend this cruel vote to voters next year.”