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How Much Did It Cost to Buy Heller, Amodei Votes to Sell Out Nevada Constituents to Internet Providers?

Reno, NVMore attention is bearing down on the GOP’s inexplicable efforts to roll back an FCC consumer privacy rule so that internet service providers can sell customer data to the highest bidder without permission. Senator Dean Heller and Congressman Mark Amodei were among the Republicans who sided with the telecom industry and betrayed their constituents in Nevada. The DSCC announced yesterday that they are running Google search ads against Heller on the issue.

If you’re wondering how much it cost the telecom industry to buy their votes, The Verge compiled donations to Republicans who voted for this garbage legislation from corporations and employees in the telecom industry. In their most recent elections, Senator Heller received $78,950 and Congressman Amodei received $22,000 in campaign contributions from the telecom industry.

“Senator Heller and Congressman Amodei haven’t said one word to explain their votes to let internet providers sell your private browsing history to the highest bidder without your permission,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “If Heller and Amodei won’t break their silence, the only reasonable conclusion is that they chose campaign cash over protecting the Social Security numbers, financial materials and health information of their constituents.”