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Congress Passes Heller-Backed Bill Allowing Internet Providers to Sell Your Browsing History

Las Vegas, NV – The House of Representatives (with the help ofCongressman Mark Amodei) just approved a dangerous bill supported by Republican Senator Dean Heller that rolls back internet privacy protections on personal customer data, allowing internet providers to sell user information for a profit. Senator Heller is a co-sponsor of the GOP bill to undo the FCC’s broadband privacy rules, and he voted for it last week.

Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss released the following statement:

“Senator Dean Heller is making a name for himself as Nevada’s strongest voice on Capitol Hill… for letting internet providers sell your private browsing history to the highest bidder without your permission. It is galling but not surprising that Senator Heller is siding with the big corporations who donate to his campaigns instead of protecting the Social Security numbers, financial materials and health information of his constituents. Everyone who believes in consumer privacy protections should call Senator Heller’s office and ask why he believes this is good public policy.”

Here’s what this bill means for Nevadans:

  • Internet service providers “will be free to sell your personal information to the highest bidder without your permission — and no one will be able to protect you”
  • “The nation’s strongest privacy protections” on the internet will be eliminated
  • You have no say in what data is sold to third-party companies, including Social Security numbers and financial and health information