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Senator Heller Falsely Says ACA Going “Bankrupt,” Can’t Explain Why He Won’t Hold a Public Town Hall

Las Vegas, NV – In an interview with KLAS Las Vegas that aired Sunday night, Republican Senator Dean Heller falsely said that the Affordable Care Act is going “bankrupt” in the short-term and couldn’t explain his unwavering refusal to hold a public town hall for his constituents.

Senator Dean Heller: “The Affordable Care Act is not working and changes do need to come in order to keep this thing from going bankrupt in a couple – in the short while ahead.”

“Nevadans who are deeply concerned about Senator Heller’s record of voting repeatedly with the GOP to repeal and undermine the Affordable Care Act won’t appreciate that he’s now trying to prematurely write the law’s obituary,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Just like Speaker Ryan and President Trump, Senator Heller is desperately chomping at the bit to spread the lie that Obamacare is dead. The ACA isn’t going bankrupt – in fact, it’s helping protect people in Nevada and across the country from going bankrupt and losing everything when they do get sick. If Senator Heller would stop hiding from his constituents and hold a public town hall, Nevadans might be able to correct his blatant lies about health care.”

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