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Adam Laxalt No-Shows Again for Attorney General’s Office Budget Hearing

Carson City, NV – For the second time this month, Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt once again declined today to appear before the Legislature for a budget hearing for the Attorney General’s office. Is Laxalt in hiding and unable to walk across the street because he’s being dogged by an unsettled ethics scandal involving his biggest campaign donor?

Earlier this month, when Laxalt skipped his first budget hearing, Assembly Ways and Means Committee Chair Maggie Carlton correctly pointed out that other constitutional officers have appeared at their budget hearings this session and observed that Laxalt’s failure to attend was “disrespectful to the Legislature and its oversight authority.”

“The most partisan and unethical Attorney General in Nevada’s history still hasn’t shown up for a single committee presentation in Carson City,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Attorney General Laxalt appears to be more focused on gearing up for his next political campaign than doing his actual job as Nevada’s chief law enforcement officer. Laxalt’s embarrassing and unresolved pay-to-play scandal with Sheldon Adelson is no excuse for his continued failure to answer questions from legislators this session.”