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Does Scott Hammond Support the House GOP Health Care Bill?

Las Vegas, NV – On the day of the House GOP’s scheduled (now delayed) vote on their self-destructing effort to undo the Affordable Care Act, right-wing state Senator Scott Hammond told reporters and Republican insiders in Washington that he’s exploring a run for Congress in Nevada’s 4th District.

Since Hammond is so eager to join Paul Ryan’s Republican majority, it begs an obvious question:

Where does Scott Hammond stand on the American Health Care Act?

“Paul Ryan would love nothing more right now than to replace Ruben Kihuen with a Republican who would vote for his disastrous bill to rip away health care from thousands of Nevadans and raise premiums for seniors while cutting taxes for the rich and insurance CEOs,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “If Scott Hammond wants to run for Congress, then he needs to explain to Nevadans how he’d vote on major pieces of legislation. The 4th Congressional District would be devastated by the House GOP plan to gut the Affordable Care Act, and Nevadans deserve to know where Hammond stands on this life-or-death issue.”

In the state Senate, Scott Hammond has been an ideological extremist leading the fight to discriminate against transgender students, block a minimum wage increase for working families, and enact a school voucher program so that wealthy families can use taxpayer dollars to send their kids to private schools.