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While Sandoval Derides House GOP Health Care Bill, Laxalt Stays Silent

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, the first Republican Governor to embrace the Affordable Care Act’s Medicaid expansion, was crystal clear last week that he’s not a fan of the House GOP’s health care proposal. Sandoval told The Nevada Independent that he won’t be signed onto it unless he’s “satisfied and convinced that it’s going to protect those 300,000 plus people” who have benefited from his decision to expand Medicaid in Nevada.

But Adam Laxalt, the hyper-partisan Attorney General who supposedly wants to run to replace Sandoval, still hasn’t uttered a word about the bill. In recent weeks, Laxalt has had plenty of time to fly across the country to attend Trump’s joint session speech to Congress and meet with die-hard Tea Party activists at CPAC. Laxalt has never been shy before about bashing Obamacare, but for some strange reason he hasn’t commented on his party’s reckless proposal to undo the law. 

“The most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history should stop hiding his position on health care and follow Governor Sandoval’s lead in fighting to protect Medicaid expansion,” said Stewart Boss, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “If he can’t bother to speak up, we can only assume that Adam Laxalt would side with the Republicans in Congress who want to take away health care from low-income families and force Nevada seniors to pay more for less coverage so that wealthy GOP donors can get a tax cut.”