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24 Hours Later, Dean Heller Still Silent on CBO Report

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday, Republican Senator Dean Heller’s chief of staff told the Las Vegas Review-Journalthat Heller “is still reviewing the CBO report” on the House GOP’s health care “plan” and declined to provide any additional context or comment.

Well, it’s now been more than 24 hours since we found out that this reckless bill would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 24 million over the next decade while raising premiums for older, poor Americans by more than 750 percent. The report is front-page news in Nevada – but still no comment from Heller’s office. Lazy Dean Heller might be trying to buy some time with the made-up excuse that he’s still reviewing the CBO’s analysis, but others have already reviewed it. The conclusions are unanimous: this bill is a disaster.

Full disclosure: It may be very difficult to get an update on this, since Heller’s taxpayer-funded communications staff is usually unresponsive and Heller himself “rarely speaks to reporters in Washington, often using routes in the Capitol to avoid the media.”