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As CBO Projects 24 Million Lose Insurance, Crickets from Adam Laxalt on Republican Plan to Repeal ACA

Las Vegas, NV – It’s been one week since House Republicans unveiled their plan to repeal health care reform, cut taxes for the rich, roll back Medicaid expansion and force Nevadans to pay more for less coverage. Just today, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office announced that the repeal bill will increase the number of uninsured Americans by 24 million over the next decade.

Adam Laxalt, the most partisan Attorney General in Nevada history, still hasn’t made a peep about where he stands on the controversial bill. In recent years, Laxalt has branded himself as a frequent and hyperbolic Obamacare critic… but with Donald Trump and a Republican Congress rushing ahead with these disastrous changes, Laxalt suddenly has nothing to say on the subject.

“With Republicans preparing to gut the Affordable Care Act, the most nakedly partisan Attorney General in Nevada history now suddenly wants voters to forget that he ran for office as a right-wing crusader against the ACA,” said Stewart Boss, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “While Laxalt is pre-occupied with plotting his next political campaign, hundreds of thousands of people in our state are worried this GOP plan could rip away their access to health care. Nevadans deserve to know whether Adam Laxalt is going to stand up to protect low-income families or fight to help his billionaire mega-donors like Sheldon Adelson get a fat tax cut.”