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Senator Heller Must Demand AG Jeff Sessions Resign, Stop Turning Blind Eye to Need for Independent Investigation of Trump & Russia

Las Vegas, NV – While Republican Senator Dean Heller continues to be a lazy 100 percent rubber stamp for President Trump’s unqualified Cabinet, he’s also busy staying radio silent on the clear need for Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign. Last night, a Washington Post report found that Sessions appears to have lied in his Senate confirmation hearing about having private conversations with the Russian government during the election.

Senator Heller hasn’t just been mute today on whether Sessions should resign after damaging the credibility of the Justice Department in his first month. Heller has also been turning a blind eye for months to the need for a fully independent investigation of the dangerous ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.

“Donald Trump’s most valuable player in the Senate is proudly standing by Jeff Sessions and doesn’t have a word of criticism for the nation’s top law enforcement official appearing to lie under oath about his contacts with Russia,” said Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair. “It’s time for Dean Heller to grow a spine and demand that Jeff Sessions resign as Attorney General, and it’s never been clearer that we need a fully independent investigation into the troubling contacts between the Trump campaign and Moscow. Senator Heller needs to decide whether he cares more about doing President Trump’s bidding or defending our national security and the integrity of the Justice Department.”