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Welcome Back, Senator Heller!

Las Vegas, NV – The first recess of the 115th Congress is underway this week, but the welcome home doesn’t look so good for Republican Senator Dean Heller. Donald Trump’s MVP in the Senate is currently being bombarded with an onslaught of TV and digital ads, town hall requests from angry constituents and planned protests from health care advocates. Thanks to his 100 percent voting record for Trump’s agenda and his out-of-touch support for repealing the Affordable Care Act and defunding Planned Parenthood, Senator Heller appears to be in for an unpleasant week back in Nevada.

The Hill: Planned Parenthood targets GOP lawmakers amid ObamaCare protests

There will also be two town halls in Nevada: one in Reno next Wednesday and another in Las Vegas next Thursday. The group said it will be contacting and showing up at Sen. Dean Heller’s (R-Nev.) office to invite him to attend. Heller, who is up for reelection in 2018, is Senate Democrats’ biggest target in the midterm elections.

AP: Health care advocates urge US Sen. Heller to host town hall

Health care advocates in Nevada are urging U.S. Sen. Dean Heller to host a town hall to hear from his constituents during the weeklong President’s Day recess.

The advocates protested Friday outside a Las Vegas hotel and casino where they say the Republican senator was expected to participate in a fundraiser.

Maggie Salas Crespo is a spokeswoman for the Nevada chapter of the national Alliance for Healthcare Security. She says Heller has declined an invitation to attend a gathering scheduled for Wednesday in Reno to hear concerns over Republican plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

Heller’s office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

CNN: Pro-Obamacare ads to target Republicans during recess

When Republican lawmakers turn on their TVs next week, some will see constituents pleading with them: Don’t take away our health care.

During the congressional recess, when members of Congress return to their home states, a group supporting the Affordable Care Act will run ads pressuring lawmakers not to gut Obamacare. This group, the Alliance for Health Care Security, says it is spending a seven-figure sum in five states with key Republican senators.

The ads offer a preview of what’s to come for Republicans during the midterms if they move forward with a full repeal of Obamacare. Already, GOP members are clashing over how much of the health care law to repeal and how quickly, as they face a barrage of criticism for starting the process of rolling back the law before the party has crafted an alternative.

The ads will begin airing Friday and run through next week in Nevada, Alaska, Arizona, Maine and West Virginia — home to Republican Sens. Dean Heller, Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Jeff Flake, Susan Collins and Shelley Moore Capito.

In the Nevada ad, a man named Jeff says he has a life-threatening disease that has caused his bone marrow to stop functioning. Because of the treatment he has received, he says he is able to play and keep up with his toddler daughter.

“If I lose my health care, it’s going to be a big problem for me and my family,” Jeff says, visibly emotional.

The Nevada Independent: Liberal advocacy group targets Heller after constituents have hard time reaching him

A liberal advocacy group has released a new digital ad highlighting the difficulty Nevadans recently had trying to reach Republican Sen. Dean Heller to register their complaints about his support for now-confirmed Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

The ad features local news clips of protesters outside of Heller’s office talking about how they were unable to reach the Nevada senator over the phone, by letter or in person and suggest that viewers call Heller to ask him to “stop hiding from Nevadans.” It was a serious enough problem that Heller’s official Twitter account noted the extremely high call volumes ahead of the Senate’s vote to confirm DeVos and asked people to continue calling to get through.

The 30-second spot will run next week, paid for by American Bridge 21st Century Foundation, a 501(c)(4) dark-money organization founded by Democratic activist David Brock.

“I actually just recently wrote letters and I’ve been calling Dean Heller’s office, but I haven’t heard anything back. It’s pretty hard to get ahold of him,” one woman says in the ad.

Activists protested outside of Heller’s office on Tuesday, asking him to hold a town hall with them during the Senate’s recess next week.

USA Today: Former Clinton super PAC begins targeting vulnerable GOP members of Congress

Priorities USA, the main political action committee behind Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, is rolling out a series of digital ads in an early attempt to target potentially vulnerable members of the GOP ahead of the 2018 midterms elections.

The ads, an initial buy as the group reinvents itself as a major financial investor in a gathering progressive movement, will spread the word about town hall forums and other events during next week’s congressional recess. They will direct citizens eager to engage members of Congress to events taking place in districts that the former Democratic presidential nominee won but are represented by Republicans, for instance Rep. Leonard Lance of New Jersey, and in swing states represented by Republicans, such as Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada.