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NV Dems Statement on Senator Dean Heller Casting the Deciding Vote for Betsy DeVos

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement today after Republican Senator Dean Heller cast the deciding vote to confirm Trump’s unqualified and scandal-plagued Secretary of Education nominee Betsy DeVos:

“Anyone who thought President Trump and the GOP were serious about draining the swamp just got a face full of mud from Republican Senator Dean Heller.

“As the deciding vote in the Senate for Betsy DeVos, Dean Heller has prioritized blind loyalty to Trump over the best interests of Nevada’s students, parents and teachers. DeVos has dedicated her career – and her family’s fortune – to rigging the system to privatize and defund our public schools. Anyone who watched her disastrous confirmation hearing knows that DeVos was only selected for Trump’s Cabinet because she has donated hundreds of millions of dollars to Republican politicians and anti-public school initiatives. Instead of listening to his constituents, Senator Heller voted to put this unqualified and uninformed billionaire in charge of the Department of Education.

“Dean Heller has cemented his place in his party: a lazy rubber stamp for Donald Trump’s rigged Cabinet and extreme agenda. Next year, Nevada voters will send him home and elect a Democrat who has the guts to stand up to Trump.”