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Statement on Senator Dean Heller

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement on Republican Senator Dean Heller’s announcement that he will attempt to win re-election in 2018:

“Dean Heller has no core, and he’s shown over and over again that he will always say whatever’s politically expedient and change positions to suit his audience. He may have been too chicken to run for governor, but he’ll be coming home either way after he loses re-election in 2018. The reality is that as Senator, Dean Heller has skated by as a sub-par and lazy Washington politician with the lack of work product to show for it. He toes the Republican line of gridlock and obstruction at the expense of Nevada, and his approach to the incoming Administration has been no different. Senator Heller has been cravenly silent on Donald Trump’s rigged Cabinet picks and the disturbing conflicts of interest to make Trump and his family rich. Nevada families deserve a champion who will fight for them in the U.S. Senate, not a coward.”

“Dean Heller is the only Republican Senator up for re-election in a state that Democrats won decisively this year. Nevadans just elected a new Democratic Senator in 2016, and we’re going to do it again next cycle.”