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Senator Harry Reid Statement on Roberta Lange and the Nevada State Democratic Party

Las Vegas, NV – Today, Nevada Senator Harry Reid released the following statement on Roberta Lange’s tenure as Chair of the Nevada State Democratic Party since 2011:

“I am forever grateful to Roberta Lange for her service to the Nevada State Democratic Party. Truth be told, the state party chair is a thankless job. You are the brunt of consternation; you are blamed for things that are out of your control; you rarely get credit when things go right. Despite these challenges, Roberta oversaw the most successful period in Nevada Democrats’ history. Nevada twice voted for a Democratic president. Democrats maintained a competitive Senate seat, gained two House seats and overtook the state legislature. All this while building a Democratic bench in all corners of the state that will allow us future success. Roberta has been my longtime supporter and friend. Thank you for your leadership.

“I also want to acknowledge the professional staff of the Nevada State Democratic Party. The dedicated men and women who work 24/7 – in off and on years – are the lifeblood of the operation. Zach Zaragoza, the longtime Executive Director, is superb. Naomi Millisor is the mother hen and my North star for what is good and right in the world. The press, research and political staff are the best in the country. From the State Central Committee members to the volunteers, I am unable to express in words my appreciation for your work. Much is made about “the Reid Machine” but it is the collective efforts of the state party and our friends in labor and progressive politics who deserve the accolades. As we close this chapter and start anew, it is my hope we won’t give up the good fight. I know I won’t.”