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With Four Days Until Election Day, Where the Heck is Congressman Joe Heck?

Las Vegas, NV – As early vote wraps up today, Democrats and Republicans are encouraging people across the state of Nevada to go vote. One person missing from the public eye is U.S. Senate candidate Congressman Joe Heck.

Since his disastrous interview where he possibly re-endorsed Trump, then immediately “put out a clarifying statement that clarified nothing” on his position on Trump, Congressman Heck has not had a single public or GOTV event.

“Hiding from the voters and the press is not the character trait of a leader,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “While Catherine Cortez Masto and Nevada Democrats are going to community events, talking to the press, and encouraging Nevadans to get out and vote, Congressman Heck is hiding from voters, hiding from the press, and cowering from Donald Trump. This week could not make it more clear who is ready to be a United States Senator…and who is not.”