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NV Dems Statement Regarding NV GOP’s Voter and Registration Suppression Lawsuit Against Clark County

Las Vegas, NV Today, Nevada State Democratic Party Executive Director Zach Zaragoza released the following statement:

“The lawsuit filed by the Nevada Republican Party shows either a basic misunderstanding of Nevada’s elections process, a bizarre conspiracy theory, or an attempt to suppress votes and voter registration — and perhaps all three. Nevada residents can and must be allowed to register to vote at any time. That’s the law. If they register after the deadline to participate in an upcoming election, their registration simply makes them eligible for future elections. That’s how our democracy works, and how Clark County has always proceeded.

“Additionally, both federal and state law require provisional ballots for voters whose eligibility to vote in impending elections is in doubt, and those doubts are resolved by double- and triple-checking current voter registration rolls. For more than a decade, the elections officials in Nevada have accepted provisional ballots in the precise manner in which they are being used this election. The Republican Party never complained about this clearly appropriate process until Donald Trump became their presidential nominee.

“Clark County and Registrar Joe Gloria run exemplary elections year in and year out, and this attempt to interfere with the processes of the 2016 general election is just one more desperate attempt by Republicans and Donald Trump to suppress the full participation of Nevada voters.”