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NV Dems Response to Donald Trump’s Visit to Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV Today, following Donald Trump’s visit to Las Vegas, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement:

“While Donald Trump brings his terrifying reality TV show and his birther sidekick Wayne Allyn Root to the Venetian, we are mobilizing Nevadans to make their voices heard at the ballot box and cast their vote early to defeat this man who is totally unfit to be President. Donald’s visit to Las Vegas is nothing more than a call to action for voters who will reject this racist, anti-immigrant bully who brags about sexually assaulting women and has no respect for the workers at his own hotel. The fact that Donald Trump’s opening act was Wayne Allyn Root, a prominent birther who literally issued a call to violence today, is a scary reminder that Trump’s candidacy has acted as a megaphone for the bigoted “alt-­right” movement.

“Whether they’re doubling down or pretending to withdraw their support in October, Nevada Republicans will wear the moral stain of having endorsed and empowered Trump long after this election is over. Congressman Joe Heck and Congressman Cresent Hardy have made the cold political calculation to try to walk back their 100 percent unequivocal support for Trump and scurry off his sinking ship. They won’t even say who they’re voting for! Failed businessman Danny Tarkanian is so terrified of alienating his Tea Party backers that he’s now openly praying for a Trump victory. Voters will hold these gutless Republicans accountable for putting party over country and trusting Trump with the nuclear codes.”