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NV Dems Statement on House Speaker Paul Ryan Trying to Rescue Cresent Hardy and Danny Tarkanian’s Floundering Campaigns

Las Vegas, NV – House Speaker Paul Ryan is in Las Vegas today trying to rescue Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy’s floundering re-election campaign and salvage what will be self-proclaimed Tea Party radical Danny Tarkanian’s sixth failed bid for political office. How embarrassing!

Speaker Ryan and Congressman Hardy held a “rally” at Pearson Community Center in a historically African American neighborhood. Unfortunately for Hardy, a campaign stunt 10 days before the election won’t make up for his years of offensive and denigrating comments towards the African American community. In the past, Hardy has said Cliven Bundy’s appalling slavery rant wasn’t meant to offend African Americans, criticized people who live in “welfare districts” for driving “big fancy Escalades” and said that he couldn’t win his race because Congressional District 4 was a “minority district.” Most recently, Hardy called West Las Vegas the “darker side of town.” At the event, Speaker Ryan also praised Hardy as the “architect” of his divisive plan to slash taxes for the top 1 percent.

Speaker Ryan then went to campaign with perennial candidate, failed businessman and aspiring House Freedom Caucus member Danny Tarkanian for literally six minutes. Just like Ryan, Danny Tarkanian is so afraid of alienating his Tea Party supporters that he’s sticking with Donald Trump until the bitter end. Just last week, Tarkanian said he was praying for a Trump presidency.

“Unfortunately for Congressman Hardy and Danny Tarkanian, Paul Ryan’s visit today won’t do a single thing to turn around their floundering campaigns or cover up their support for Donald Trump,” said Stewart Boss, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “Paul Ryan is desperate to save these seats, but Nevadans deserve better than these two reliable votes for Ryan’s agenda to defund Planned Parenthood and give massive tax cuts to the rich.”