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Danny Tarkanian Praying for Trump to Win, Defended Trump’s Ties to Putin Because “We Worked with Stalin in World War II”

Las Vegas, NV – On Tuesday night, in a private speech to the Southern Hills Republican Women’s Club, Danny Tarkanian said he’s praying for Donald Trump to pull off a victory and defended Trump’s status as a puppet for Vladimir Putin because “we worked with Stalin in World War II.” He also voiced deep concerns about a lack of Republican enthusiasm in early voting in Congressional District 3, saying, “I haven’t slept for the last two days” because of Republicans underperforming and “we’re all going down” if the numbers don’t change.

“Danny Tarkanian is losing sleep over Republican early vote numbers, but how did Danny ever sleep at night when he was dreaming of electing a racist, sexist predator like Donald Trump to the White House?” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Danny is literally praying for America’s worst nightmare: A Donald Trump presidency.”