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NV Dems Statement on Mike Pence in Reno

Reno, NVToday, following Donald Trump running mate Mike Pence’s visit to Reno, Nevada State Democratic Party First Vice Chair Chris Wicker released the following statement:

“With less than two weeks until Election Day, Nevada Republicans are scrambling and another divisive rally for Mike Pence won’t change that. While Democrats are turning out in droves to vote early, the Washoe County GOP is fighting with Donald Trump on national television about yard signs and bumper stickers. The shadow of the racist, sexist, dysfunctional Trump campaign is looming so large over Congressman Joe Heck’s floundering Senate campaign that Heck is now saying “that voters don’t have the right to know for whom he will cast his ballot for president.” While the Trump campaign falls apart and Congressman Heck hits the panic button, Northern Nevada Democrats are mobilizing voters to cast their ballots early and turn our state blue.”

This morning, before Pence’s visit, the Democratic National Committee’s “Forward Together” bus arrived in Reno, where local leaders including State Senator Julia Ratti, Congressional District 2 candidate Chip Evans, and Senate District 15 candidate Devon Reese slammed Trump and Pence for their divisive campaign.