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Congressman Heck Adds Another Chapter to His Tale of How to Be a Desperate Politician

Heck stood by Donald Trump for months, then jumped off Trump’s sinking ship, then, after facing backlash from Republicans for his politically craven move, Heck told donors he still wanted to support Trump

Now he says voters don’t deserve to know who he’s voting for


Las Vegas, NV – Congressman Joe Heck has been busy this month: in addition to joining Trump-supporter and government shutdown architect Ted Cruz on the campaign trail, Heck has been writing the book on how to be the most craven politician in the country. And yesterday, he added yet another chapter to the ongoing tale of Heck trying to salvage his career as a Washington politician, saying that Nevada voters don’t have the right to know who he will vote for president. Heck’s love-fest with Donald Trump has been a bit confusing as of late, so here’s a recap:

  1. For months, Joe Heck is Donald Trump’s strongest supporter in Nevada, standing by his side even as Trump mocks a disabled reporter, calls women “pigs” and “fat slobs,” and degrades a Gold Star family. Joe Heck says “I have high hopes” that Donald Trump will be our next president, and that he has no problems with Trump having his finger on the nuclear button.
  2. October 9: As soon as Trump’s ship begins to sink and Trump’s poll numbers start declining, Joe Heck tries to save himself and his Washington political career by distancing himself from Trump.&nbsp
  3. October 9 – present: Heck faces outrage and backlash from Nevada Republicans who call out his obviously craven move to save his political career. Heck is skewered on conservative talk radio and prominent Nevada Republicans say they can no longer support Heck.&nbsp
  4. October 17: Heck goes to a closed door fundraiser and says to Republicans donors “I really want to” support Trump.&nbsp
  5. October 25: Heck says that Nevadans don’t have a right to know who he votes for president because it’s a secret ballot.

“Congressman Heck continues to write the book on ‘How to Desperately Try to Save Your Career as a Washington Politician,’” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “And with each chapter, Nevadans see just how craven Congressman Heck really is: he will do anything to salvage his career in Washington. Yet no matter what he says, Congressman Heck can’t erase the first, most-telling, chapter: that for months, Heck stood by Trump’s side as his strongest supporter, even as Trump mocked and degraded countless communities. Everything after that is just more evidence that Heck will do and say anything to save his own career.”