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Catherine Cortez Masto and Ruben Kihuen Joined First-Time Latina Voter, Flor Cardona, at DNC “Forward Together” Bus Rally

Las Vegas, NV – Former Attorney General and candidate for U.S. Senate Catherine Cortez Masto and State Senator and Congressional District 4 candidate Ruben Kihuen attended a rally with the Democratic National Committee “Forward Together” bus to highlight what’s at stake in this election for Nevadans and encourage Latinos to vote early. Cortez Masto and Kihuen were joined by first-time Latina voter Flor Cardona, Nevada Assemblyman and Democratic National Committeeman Nelson Araujo, and Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange.

Early vote in Nevada started on Saturday and runs through November 4. Find early vote locations here.

“Flor Cardona highlighted today why it has never been more important for the Hispanic community to get out and vote,” said Catherine Cortez Masto. “Donald Trump has time and again insulted the Hispanic community and Republicans in Nevada like Congressman Heck and Congressman Hardy continued to support him through all his disparaging and racist comments. We need people in Washington who will fight to pass comprehensive immigration reform and put the interests of Nevadans ahead of their Party. I look forward to representing the people of Nevada as the first Latina elected to the U.S. Senate and I look forward to working with my friend Ruben Kihuen to fight for Nevada interests.”

“There is too much at stake for the Latino community in this election to stay home,” said State Senator Ruben Kihuen. “Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have very different ideas for our country and our community, and I believe Latino voters will shut Trump out of the White House. While Donald Trump has demonized Latinos, Hillary Clinton knows our diversity is what makes us great. The Latino community is fired up, and we’re going to hold Trump and those who support him accountable at the ballot box.”

“Nevada has the opportunity to make history this year by electing Catherine Cortez Masto as the first Latina to the U.S. Senate and Ruben Kihuen as the first Latino to represent Nevada in the House of Representatives,” said Nevada Assemblyman Nelson Araujo. “Latinos across Nevada have watched Donald Trump make racist and insulting comments for over a year and Republicans like Congressman Joe Heck and Congressman Cresent Hardy stood by Trump for months. We are already seeing record turnout of Nevadans voting early and I have no doubt that Latinos in Nevada will make their voices heard to show Congressmen Heck and Hardy that Donald Trump’s racist rhetoric is not tolerated in Nevada.”