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“Undecided Voter” Joe Heck Campaigns with Donald Trump Supporter & Government Shutdown Architect Ted Cruz

Audience members refuse to stand for Heck at his own event

After desperate attempt to save his political career, Congressman Heck “living every Republican candidate’s nightmare


Las Vegas, NV – After getting booed at his own rally, “eviscerated” on talk radio, and then caught saying he’s going to vote for Mike Pence for Vice President (so “obviously” he’s voting for Trump), Congressman Joe Heck is now apparently an “undecided voter.” At a campaign event with Trump-supporter and government shutdown architect Ted Cruz, Congressman Heck continued to try and play it both ways, saying “I haven’t decided, but I will tell you I’m not voting for Hillary Clinton.”

“Congressman Heck is using his typical Washington doublespeak to try and have it both ways,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party.“After being Trump’s number one supporter in Nevada for months, Heck only jumped off Trump’s ship once he realized it was sinking. Now that he’s facing heat from Nevada voters who see through his desperate attempts to salvage his political career, Congressman Heck is doing and saying whatever he can to try to get himself elected.”