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Why Does A Conservative Talk Radio Host Think Heck is Going To Vote for Trump?

Las Vegas, NV – Conservative talk radio host Kevin Wall has been taking calls for the last two weeks from Republican voters who have said they will not vote for Congressman Heck after he unendorsed Donald Trump. Wall has said many times that he believes Heck’s desperate attempt to save his own career may cost him the election. And yet Kevin Wall thinks that Congressman Heck is still going to vote for Trump.

Wall said today he thinks Heck’s unendorsement may be a “mortal wound,” but when “push comes to shove, Dr. Joe Heck will vote for Donald J. Trump.” Wall also suggests that Heck should have disavowed Trump’s comments, but vote for him on election day.

Though Congressman Heck has unendorsed Donald Trump publicly, he is telling Republican donors behind closed doors that he “really wants” to support Trump and will vote for Mike Pence for Vice President. Nevada does not have a write-in option, so a vote for Mike Pence is a vote for Donald Trump.

“Is Kevin Wall right that Congressman Heck is going to vote for Donald Trump?” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “If he’s wrong, then who is Heck going to vote for? Congressman Heck needs to stop playing political games and tell Nevadans who he is going to vote for to be the next President of the United States.”