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VIDEO: Cresent Hardy on Supporting Donald Trump: “I Have No Regrets”

Las Vegas, NV – Today, in an interview with Jon Ralston, Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy said he has “no regrets” about supporting Donald Trump for President for months until he made the craven political calculation to unendorse Trump earlier this month.

Watch the exchange here.

Congressman Hardy was also pressed by Ralston on who he’s planning to vote for after his recent political stunt unendorsement. First, Hardy said he would not vote for Trump or Hillary Clinton or ‘none of the above.’ Hardy then tried to say he would write in a different presidential candidate, which Ralston quickly pointed out is not allowed in Nevada. Flailing, Hardy suggested he might vote for Gary Johnson, but he wouldn’t commit to that either. Early voting in Nevada starts tomorrow.

Watch the exchange here.

“Of course Congressman Hardy doesn’t have any regrets about supporting Donald Trump for months – the truth behind closed doors was always that Hardy supports Trump 100 percent and would do anything to help him get elected to the White House,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Stewart Boss. “Voters are smart enough to see through Congressman Hardy’s craven political flip-flops on the eve of early voting, and they will take him at his word that he has no regrets for standing by Trump while he bullied women, demonized immigrants, mocked the disabled and denigrated our nation’s veterans.”