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Congressman Heck Doubles Down on His Support for Donald Trump, Despite Telling Press He Does Not Support Trump

Las Vegas, NV – On Saturday in Ely, Nevada – less than 24 hours after reaffirming his politically calculated move to unendorse Trump at the U.S. Senate debate – Heck doubled down on his secret, behind-closed-doors endorsement of Trump. In a meet and greet in rural Nevada, where Heck’s campaign was handing out Trump bumper stickers, Heck also said he needs someone in the White House he can work with. We all know he’s not talking about Hillary Clinton.

Yesterday, audio was released from a fundraiser last Wednesday in which Heck says he “really wants to support” Trump and will be voting for Mike Pence as Vice President. Nevada does not have a write-in option, so a vote for Mike Pence is a vote for Donald Trump for president.

“Congressman Heck is a typical politician who says one thing to one group of people and then the exact opposite to another,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Heck is trying to have it both ways – he wants credit for being so courageous and standing up for Donald Trump now that it’s politically inconvenient to support him, but he still supports him behind closed, Republican doors. Congressman Heck is a political coward who will do or say anything – even contradict himself within 24 hours – to try to get himself elected.”