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Yes, Congressman Heck, We Have Been Watching The News

Las Vegas, NV – During his disastrous debate performance on Friday night, Congressman Heck wondered aloud whether Catherine Cortez Masto had been watching the news coverage of his supporters seeing right through his desperate attempt to save his political career. Unfortunately for Congressman Heck, his flailing campaign has been a top story all week long, both nationally and locally. We put together a video to remind Heck of all the news coverage his craven unendorsement of Trump has gotten in the past few days.

Watch here.

“Congressman Heck might wish that no one has been watching the news, but unfortunately for him, his politically calculated move to unendorse Donald Trump is all anyone is talking about,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “And now, with new reports that Heck is telling donors behind closed doors that he ‘really wants’ to support Trump, I guess we know Congressman Heck has been watching too. For a desperate politician, no reversal is too craven.”