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Unfortunately for Congressman Heck, The Entire Nation Is Watching His Campaign Meltdown

Las Vegas, NV – Las Vegas, NV – It’s only been a week since Congressman Heck unendorsed Donald Trump in a desperate attempt to save his political career and already the video of him being booed by Republican voters is the most viewed clip in history on the NV Dems YouTube page. The video, which currently has 57,684 views, surpassed the previously most viewed video of 2010 Senate candidate Sharon Angle infamously running away from reporters six years ago.


At last night’s debate, Catherine Cortez Masto called out Congressman Heck time and again for putting his political interests ahead of Nevada’s interests. Congressman Heck wouldn’t answer why he shut down the government but continued to cash his paycheck or why he had DREAMers arrested at his office. And unfortunately for Congressman Heck, the #NVDebate was nationally trending on Twitter.


“A week ago Congressman Heck scurried off the Trump’s sinking ship in a desperate attempt to save his political career,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Last night, Congressman Heck wondered if Catherine Cortez Masto had been watching the news about his sinking campaign. Unfortunately for Congressman Heck, everyone has been watching. But, as our next U.S. Senator said last night, “You don’t get credit for that.”