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Twitter reaction: Catherine Cortez Masto dominated #NVDebate tonight

@bridgetbhc: Cortez Masto hits Heck for un-endorsing Trump: “Let’s call this what it is. Congressman Heck is worried about his political career” #NVSen

@meganmesserly: [email protected] on a question about Clinton goes off on Heck/Trump. “Congressman Heck is worried about his political career.”

@RindelsAP: [email protected] says unendorsement was political. “Donald Trump’s ship is sinking and Rep. Heck is scurrying off that ship.” #nvsen

@RileySnyder: CCM to Heck: “You can’t run away or walk away from him right now. You don’t get credit for that.” #nvsen

@LisaMascaro: Interesting. Heck visibly shifting at podium as Masto ran thru the list of Trump offenses he stood by before now dropping support. #NVDebate

@pkcapitol: Paul Kane It looks awkward inside here, but it appears he’s just trying to look straight into camera because of split-screen image for TV broadcast. https://twitter.com/KristenOrthman/status/787116672242954240

@meganmesserly: [email protected] says that Heck does have a litmus test since he’s said he would want someone like Justice Scalia. #nvsen

@DavidsonLVRJ: On picking SC justice, CCM: “We need a more diverse bench.” Someone who has real world experience and treats people equally. #RJnow

@RindelsAP: Heck says he never voted to shut down the government. Cortez Masto says he’s a typical Washington politician trying to dance around question

@RindelsAP: CCM says Heck should’ve shown leadership by donating his salary to charity during shutdown. #nvsen

@RindelsAP: CCM on Heck: “He’s part of the mess. He’s voting with his tea party 9 times out of 10 in Washington.”

@LisaMascaro: ‘Notarios.’ Masto knows #NV audience & outreach to Latino voters. #NVDebate

@LisaMascaro: Oh. Masto asks Heck: ‘How did you feel cashing your paycheck’ during govt #shutdown? #NVDebate

@DavidsonLVRJ: Cortez Masto: I own guns, and I support question 1. We are responsible gun owners who want to reduce gun violence. Heck opposes it. #RJnow

@DavidsonLVRJ: Cortez Masto: “I don’t think someone should be able to buy a gun over the Internet, but Congressman Heck does.” #RJnow #NVdebate

@seanw801: So what has he been waiting for. Q1 is direct result of failures of elected officials to act. https://twitter.com/DavidsonLVRJ/status/787116627577806849

@8NewsNow: [email protected] has come under fire for comments by his son & #Republican. SEE WHY –> http://bzfd.it/2di93ap  #NVDebate #Nevada #Senate

@DavidsonLVRJ: CCM says she will use power as a US Senator to hold people accountable so they can’t pay their way out of accountability.  #RJnow

@meganmesserly: CCM says she’s made it her mission to fight for most vulnerable members in society “because I can’t tolerate leaving any one of them behind”