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Kellyanne Conway Gets It Wrong, Heck Still Unendorsing Trump, But Who Can Really Tell Where Heck Stands At This Point?

Congressman Heck was Trump’s biggest supporter before his politically craven unendorsement, so would it be so crazy if he had backtracked?

Las Vegas, NV – Yesterday afternoon, Kellyanne Conway told PBS that Congressman Heck had jumped back on the Trump Train. Turns out Kellyanne Conway was wrong and Heck is sticking with his unendorsement, despite the fact that his campaign is hemorrhaging supporters left and right.

“To be honest, we didn’t doubt Conway for a second, because Congressman Heck was Donald Trump’s biggest supporter in Nevada until he was forced to withdraw his endorsement in a desperate attempt to save his own campaign,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “And since Heck clearly cares more about getting elected than Nevadans, we wouldn’t be shocked if he decided to re-endorse now that he’s realized how many voters saw right through his politically calculated move. When will Congressman Heck learn that Nevadans want a leader who will stick up for what they believe in, not what is politically convenient?”