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Nevada: The Front Line of the GOP “Civil War”

SUPER CUT: Conservative Talk Radio Hosts and Callers See Right Through Congressman Heck’s Politically Craven Unendorsement of Donald Trump 

Listen here.

Las Vegas, NV – Conservative talk radio hosts and their callers saw right through Congressman Heck’s desperate attempt to save his political career by jumping off the Trump ship when it was sinking. Caller after caller on every conservative radio show in Nevada told radio hosts they could no longer support Congressman Heck after his act of political cowardice.

Since his unendorsement act of desperation, Heck has been radio silent, apparently hiding from the voters he wants to represent. Maybe he’s meeting with advisors, trying to figure out his next painstakingly calculated move to save his political career.

“Republican voters saw right through ‘resident invertebrate’ Congressman Heck’s desperate attempt to save his own career,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck enabled Donald Trump for months, but the second Trump appeared to be sinking his own campaign, Congressman Heck bailed. And now that Nevada voters have called him out on his desperate act, he’s gone into hiding.”




Republican National Committeewoman for Nevada Diana Orrock said on CNBC that there’s a “civil war” in the Republican Party.