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RECAP: Donald Trump’s Disastrous Wednesday in Nevada

Las Vegas, NV – On Wednesday, Donald Trump made campaign stops in Southern and Northern Nevada that were nothing short of a disaster. In a matter of less than 12 hours, Trump managed to botch the pronunciation of ‘Nevada’ while lecturing a crowd in Reno on how to say the state’s name, offend women, scare children, and refuse to take a position on Yucca Mountain — a project that would turn Nevada into a nuclear waste dump. Everywhere he went, Trump was met by protesters (and poultry) calling him out for his refusal to release his tax returns and his offensive rhetoric.

Here are some of the lowlights from Trump’s disastrous visit:

Trump Mispronounced Nevada: It’s NEV-AD-A not “NEV-AH-DUH”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Trump lectures Reno crowd on incorrect pronunciation of ‘Nevada’ — VIDEO
Reno Gazette-Journal: Trump defends his pronunciation of Nevada

POLITICO: Trump mocks pols who mispronounce ‘Nevada,’ then does it himself

POLITICO: Reid hammers Trump for mispronouncing ‘Nevada’

TIME: Donald Trump Flubs ‘Nevada’ Pronunciation While Teaching Reno Crowd How to Say It
NBC News:
Trump Gives Lesson on Pronouncing Nevada, Gets It Wrong

Complex: Donald Trump Mispronounces ‘Nevada’—In Nevada—While Insisting He’s Saying it Correctly

Los Angeles Times: What’s in a Name? Trump mispronounces Nevada, but insists he’s the one saying it right

Esquire: Here’s Trump (Wrongly) Telling Reno Residents How to Pronounce ‘Nevada’

BuzzFeed News: Trump Repeatedly Mispronounces “Nevada” While Insisting On Pronouncing It Correctly

USA Today: Trump tells Nevada crowd they’re mispronouncing state’s name

Salon: Donald Trump’s arrogant Nevada adventure: Bickers with crowd over how to say state’s name, threatens China over tourism dollars

Fox News: Reid, Clinton supporters hit Trump over Nevada pronunciation

The Week Magazine: PRONUNCIATION PROBLEMS: Donald Trump incorrectly tells Nevadans how to correctly pronounce the name of their state

Newsmax: Trump Lectures Reno Crowd How to (Wrongly) Pronounce Nevada
ABC News:
Trump Tells Nevadans How to Pronounce ‘Nevada’ … Incorrectly
New York Magazine:
Trump Informs Nevadans That They Pronounce ‘Nevada’ Wrong

CBS News: Trump to Nevadans: You say Nevada wrong
Washington Post:
Harry Reid’s right. Donald Trump’s wrong. It’s pronounced ‘Nuh-VAA-da’
The Hill:
Reid trolls Trump over Nevada pronunciation

Trump Said His Insults Towards Women Were for “Entertainment”

MSNBC: Trump: Past remarks on women for entertainment

POLITICO: Trump says his insulting remarks toward women were for ‘entertainment’

Cosmopolitan: Donald Trump Says He Mocked Women’s Attractiveness for “Entertainment”
Business Insider:
Donald Trump brushes off past controversial comments about women as ‘entertainment’

New York Post: Trump Insulted Women’s Looks for the ‘Purpose of Entertainment’
The Week:
Donald Trump insists he respects women, says comments were ‘for the purpose of entertainment’

Raw Story: Donald Trump: Body-shaming women as pigs and dogs was ‘for the purpose of entertainment’


Trump Unnerved Children During School Visit


AP: Trump Visit to Las Vegas Church, School Criticized

MSNBC: Students meet Trump, one comments on his hair

New York Post: Trump settles classroom dispute over his ‘orange hair’

New York Daily News: SEE IT: Donald Trump’s classroom visit makes Las Vegas first-grader very nervous

GQ: Studious First Grader Too Focused for Trump’s Bullshit
Donald Trump Casually Terrified a 1st Grade Classroom This Afternoon
USA Today:
First-grader on seeing Trump: ‘I’m nervous, I’m nervous’
“I’m nervous, I’m nervous, I’m nervous”: A child’s reaction when Donald Trump walks into a classroom
Elite Daily:
This First Grader Screaming ‘I’m Nervous’ When Trump Walks In Is All Of Us

Trump Refused to Take a Stance on Yucca Mountain


Washington Post: Trump punts on Yucca Mountain, a major issue in key swing state of Nevada

CNN: Trump ducks questions on Nevada’s Yucca Mountain
The Hill: Trump punts on Yucca nuclear waste site


Alt-Right Neo-Nazi Attended Trump Rally


Raw Story: WATCH: Chaos breaks out at Trump rally as reporter tries to interview alt-right Holocaust denier

Protesters Greeted Trump at Campaign Stops


Las Vegas Sun: Trump rally draws fans, protesters to Henderson Pavilion

KTNV: Protesters gather outside Henderson Trump rally