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Donald Trump Might Not Know About Yucca Mountain, But Congressman Heck Is The Truly Clueless One

Congressman Heck broke from the Nevada delegation, refuses to rule out bringing nuclear waste to Yucca Mountain

Las Vegas, NV – In his visits to Las Vegas and Reno yesterday, Donald Trump once again proved that he’s out of touch with Nevada voters. First, he lectured Nevadans on the correct pronunciation of Nevada, while pronouncing it wrong. Yikes. Then he made it clear he knew nothing about the controversial Yucca Mountain project that would bring nuclear waste 100 miles from Las Vegas.

Donald Trump might be clueless about Yucca Mountain, but that’s not surprising given his past record on just about every major national issue. Congressman Heck, however, is very aware of Yucca Mountain, but still wanted to bring nuclear waste to Nevada.

Nevada Republicans and Democrats had been united in their opposition to Yucca Mountain until Congressman Heck showed up in Congress. Republican Senator Dean Heller even called out Congressman Heck for going “soft” on the project. Heck has refused to rule out Yucca as a nuclear dump site, stating in 2010 that the approval process should “go to completion” and that Nevadans should keep an open mind about allowing this toxic and dangerous waste to be brought at Yucca Mountain.

“It’s one thing for a clueless, conspiracy theory-believing presidential candidate to not know anything about Yucca Mountain, but Congressman Heck is very aware of the issue and still supports bringing nuclear waste to Nevada,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Members of the Nevada delegation, regardless of party, had stood united in fighting Yucca Mountain until Congressman Heck trekked to Washington. Nevadans need a Senator who will fight against bringing nuclear waste to our state-not a lackey for the nuclear industry.”