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Congressman Joe Heck Admits to Taking Pay During The Government Shutdown, Arguing He Deserved It

While hundreds of Congressmen refunded or donated their salary after a Republican-led 16 day government shutdown in 2013, Congressman Heck not only kept his pay, he is now arguing that he deserved it!


Las Vegas, NV – It takes a special kind of politician to demand he get paid for not doing his job. Today, Congressman Joe Heck’s campaign reminded Nevadans of how he has spent over half a decade in Washington working only for himself and his Party, not the people of Nevada. In 2013, Heck continued to accept his salary during the 16-day Republican government shutdown.

While members of Congress continued to receive their pay during the shutdown due to a Constitutional requirement, many refunded or donated their salary during the shutdown, including representatives from Nevada.

Congressman Heck? Not one of them. But it’s ok. He claimed he deserved it because he was working really hard!

“Shutting down the government is the definition of not doing your job, Congressman,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “But Joe Heck not only took his own pay during the shutdown he helped create, he’s now arguing he actually deserved it. What does he say to the air traffic controllers and National Guardsmen who had to forgo a paycheck, while he cashed his? This is just another example of Joe Heck putting himself and his interests ahead of Nevada families.”


How was Nevada affected by shutdown? A few examples.

Air Traffic control workers at McCarran and Reno/Tahoe International Airports had to work without pay. Another 15,000 FAA employees nationwide were furloughed including aviation safety inspectors and trainers of air traffic controllers. (CBS News)

The Reno VA Benefits office and the North Las Vegas VA Benefits office were shuttered, halting the catch up effort on backlog of claims. (Las Vegas Review Journal)

Nevada’s Adjutant General William Burks called the situation “pretty dire” saying the National Guard had to postpone drills and had no money for operations and maintenance. (Las Vegas Sun)

Nevada Gov. Sandoval said Nevada would face “catastrophic” consequences if the shutdown continued. The shutdown continued for another week after he made these remarks. (Las Vegas Sun)

National Guardsmen weren’t paid during the government shutdown but had to work because they were essential government workers. (KOLO)


Heck claim: