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Hiding Heidi Gansert tries to walk back her Trump support

During her Republican primary, Heidi Gansert repeatedly confirmed that she was supporting Donald Trump to be the next President of the United States. Now that she’s facing a difficult general election, Gansert is trying to walk it back and say she is now “unsure if she will ultimately vote for him.”

Another profile in spinelessness from Hiding Heidi Gansert, who spent much of the past year hiding her position on Governor Sandoval’s bipartisan education package.


Wall Street Journal: GOP Faces Challenge to Its State Legislature Dominance

After seizing control of record number of chambers, party is largely playing defense in 2016 election

Updated Sept. 30, 2016 7:21 p.m. ET


Many Democrats, however, are trying to yoke their Republican rivals to the Mr. Trump’s controversial rhetoric about women, minorities and immigrants. In Nevada, where polls show a tight presidential race, Democratic state Senate candidate Devon Reese has criticized GOP opponent Heidi Gansert for backing Mr. Trump. They are competing in a Reno-based swing district that is 18% Hispanic and 7% black and Asian.

“Her alignment with the Republican nominee doesn’t sit well with the voters in the district,” said Mr. Reese, a first-time candidate whose election could shift control of the Nevada Senate from Republican to Democrat. “It’s a question of her judgment and values.”

Ms. Gansert, a former state assemblywoman who used to work for Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, said publicly she would support Mr. Trump after he essentially clinched the nomination in May. But there is no mention of Mr. Trump on her campaign website or Facebook page. She said she hasn’t offered an endorsement or campaigned on his behalf and is unsure if she will ultimately vote for him.

“I have been focusing on my own campaign, and I think it’s important that voters see that,” said Ms. Gansert, who started canvassing northern Nevada neighborhoods in January and has knocked on thousands of doors.

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