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Finally, The Endorsement Congressman Heck’s Been Waiting For!

Famous NV Dems parrot submits endorsement video for Congressman Heck

Las Vegas, NV – On Thursday, Congressman Heck asked his supporters to submit videos about why they support Congressman Heck and we’re excited to release the first one on Congressman Heck’s behalf! The famous NV Dems parrot is positively thrilled that Congressman Heck and Donald Trump share the same divisive views on issues like immigration, education and Social Security.

Watch the video here.

“No one was more excited for Congressman Heck’s endorsement video campaign than me,” squawked the famous NV Dems parrot. “Congressman Heck parrots Donald Trump’s offensive policies, including ending bird birthright citizenship and eliminating the Department of Education. They both peddle in conspiracy theories because birds of a feather flock together. I encourage other parrots to release their endorsement videos raven about Donald Trump and Congressman Heck!”