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Heck, Hardy, Tarkanian React to Donald Trump’s Sexist Tirade Against Alicia Machado

Las Vegas, NV — Today, after misogynistic pig and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump went on a late-night sexist tirade against former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, the NV Dems reached out to Congressman Joe Heck, Congressman Cresent Hardy and perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian to get their reactions.

Here’s what those Nevada Republicans had to say:

Congressman Heck, who still has “high hopes” for a Trump presidency:


Congressman Hardy, who is still “100 percent” behind Trump:


Danny Tarkanian, who is still “joined at the hip” with Trump on the campaign trail:


“This is par for the course now — Donald Trump escalates a shockingly offensive feud with disgusting personal attacks while Nevada Republicans sit on the sidelines and refuse to denounce Trump’s disqualifying behavior,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesperson Mairead Lynn.