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For The Second Time, Congressman Heck Skipped A Crucial Vote – This Time on Veterans Suicide Prevention – To Attend Fundraiser

Las Vegas, NV – Last week, as the House of Representatives was voting on a bill to ensure all telephone calls, text messages and communications received by the veterans’ crisis hotline are answered in a timely manner by a trained professional, Congressman Heck was attending a fundraiser for his campaign in New Jersey.


In February, Congressman Heck skipped a vote to toughen sanctions on North Korea and instead attended a fundraiser thousands of miles away.

“Congressman Heck has said veterans’ mental health is a priority, but when he has the opportunity to help veterans calling a crisis hotline, he put his political ambitions above our veterans,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “This fits a pattern for Congressman Heck – he says what he thinks Nevadans want to hear, but when push comes to shove, he cares more about furthering his political career than doing his job and showing up to work. Suicide prevention for the men and women who served our country should be a no-brainer, but apparently it’s not an important enough issue for Congressman Heck to show up to work.”