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Cresent Hardy: “Yes, I Do” Trust Donald Trump with the Nuclear Codes

Las Vegas, NV — Earlier this week, on his way to a lavish Washington fundraiser, 100 percent Donald Trump fan Congressman Cresent Hardy was asked, “Do you trust Donald Trump with the nuclear codes?” Without skipping a beat, Hardy responded, “Yes, I do!” Suddenly realizing he was talking to a Democratic tracker, Hardy declined repeated requests to elaborate on his answer.

The response is very similar to Congressman Heck’s response earlier this month, when CNN asked, “You trust him to have his finger on the nuclear button?” and Heck responded, “I do.”

“While major Republican foreign policy and national security experts across the country know that Donald Trump lacks the temperament to be President, Tea Party Hardy is chomping at the bit to put Trump’s reckless hands on the nuclear codes,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “Congressman Hardy is putting partisan politics ahead of the security of Nevadans, and it’s clear that he doesn’t have the judgment to represent Nevadans in Washington.”