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NV Dems Offer Condolences to Heck, Hardy, Tarkanian After Donald Trump’s Train Wreck Debate

Las Vegas, NV — Today, the NV Dems sent a heartfelt condolence card to Congressman Joe Heck, Congressman Cresent Hardy and perennial candidate Danny Tarkanian. All three of these extreme politicians have been enthusiastic supporters of Donald Trump here in Nevada, and they must have been absolutely mortified watching their presidential candidate show up utterly unprepared and then devolve into a sputtering, incoherent mess in front of 84 million Americans.

But for some reason, Heck, Hardy and Tarkanian have yet to withdraw their support for Trump. Sad!


“It was brutal to watch, but hopefully Donald Trump’s frightening debate performance will finally underscore for Joe Heck, Cresent Hardy and Danny Tarkanian that Trump is unfit to be President and have his finger on the nuclear button,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss. “We offer our sincere condolences and hope they will finally withdraw their support for Trump. If not, they’ve got some explaining to do.”