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Donald Trump Rooted for Housing Crisis, Congressman Heck Said It Was “Blip On The Radar”

In last night’s debate, Trump agreed he cheered for 2008 housing crisis, said “That’s called business”

Las Vegas, NV – During his disastrous debate performance last night, Donald Trump agreed with Hillary Clinton that he rooted for the 2008 housing crisis, saying “that’s called business, by the way.” During the housing crisis and financial recession eight years ago, 77,000 Nevadans lost their homes. And while Donald Trump hoped to profit off the worst days of the lives of ordinary Nevadans, Congressman Joe Heck called it a “blip on the radar.”

“Nevada was the state hit hardest by the housing crisis and every day since then, we’ve worked to recover,” said Mairead Lynn, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Donald Trump wanted to profit off of Nevadans being kicked out their homes, and vehement Trump-supporter Congressman Joe Heck doesn’t think the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression was that big of a deal. How can Nevadans trust Congressman Joe Heck to stand up to big banks and billionaires, when he doesn’t even understand why tens of thousands of Nevadans losing their homes is a problem?”


As Attorney General, Catherine Cortez Masto took on the big banks that caused the 2008 housing crisis. She led the fight against foreclosure fraud, securing $1.9 billion from big banks on behalf of Nevada homeowners as part of the National Mortgage Settlement. Cortez Masto helped Nevadans suffering through the “worst mortgage crisis in history, ground zero for the crisis nationally, using one of the smallest Attorney General’s office in the country.”