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NV Dems Chair on First Presidential Debate

Las Vegas, NVToday, following the first presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and serial liar Donald Trump, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement:

“Donald Trump just proved that he is indeed nothing more than a thin-skinned bully. Trump lied often and without shame – about his tax returns, about climate change, about birtherism, about foreign policy. Trump doubled down on rooting for the housing market crash and stiffing contractors to line his own pockets. He showed that he lacks the temperament to stand toe to toe on a debate stage, let alone have his finger on the nuclear codes.

“Nevada Republicans like Congressman Joe Heck, Congressman Cresent Hardy and Danny Tarkanian have thrown away their dignity and self-respect to support a reality TV star who is completely unfit for the White House. Trump’s craven lackeys will be held accountable at the ballot box in November.

“Hillary Clinton showed once again that she is ready on Day One to be our next Commander-in-Chief. She is deeply qualified to keep America safe and build an economy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy. We’re going to work our hearts out to put her in the Oval Office.”