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While Ruben Kihuen Meets with DAPA-Eligible Immigrants, Cresent Hardy Would Still Tear Families Apart

WATCH: This week, Hardy doubled down on his vote to defund DAPA

WATCH: In 2014, Hardy falsely said DAPA allows people to “all the sudden become citizens” and functions as a “never-ending work permit”

Las Vegas, NV — Today, State Senator Ruben Kihuen will be sitting down with DAPA/DACA-eligible immigrants whose lives have been put in limbo by the Supreme Court’s recent deadlock and Republican obstruction in Congress. Kihuen’s Tea Party opponent, Congressman Cresent Hardy, opposes comprehensive immigration reform, has voted in Washington to defund DAPA and Expanded DACA, and even voted to support the hateful partisan lawsuit against these programs. Hardy’s mean-spirited positions threaten to tear immigrant families apart and leave thousands of Nevada kids without a mother or father.

Just this week on Nevada Newsmakers, Hardy doubled down on his stance against DAPA and reiterated that he’s “not funding that opportunity.” And while Hardy’s continued opposition to DAPA is out of touch with his district, at least he now understands what he’s against!

In 2014, Hardy made wildly inaccurate statements that DAPA allows people to “all the sudden become citizens” and functions as a “never-ending work permit.” Hardy’s false comments prompted an incredible real-time fact check from a Univision reporter.

“Congressman Hardy’s divisive plan to let thousands of immigrant families live in constant fear of being ripped apart is yet another reminder that Nevadans deserve a new leader representing them in Washington,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss.