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Part Two In HecksKochAddiction.com: Heck’s Allegiance to the Koch Agenda

Koch agenda is a radical free-market ideology and increases their own wealth

In Washington, Heck votes with Koch agenda 90% of the time in the last year alone

Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada Democratic Party released the second half of the campaign to expose Congressman Heck for being a puppet of the billionaire out-of-state Koch brothers. The new page on HecksKochAddiction.com lays out the Koch agenda and how Congressman Heck has consistently voted for Koch-backed policies since he got to Washington. Two weeks ago, the Nevada Democratic Party revealed the millions of dollars the Koch-network is spending to buy Nevada’s Senate seat for Congressman Joe Heck.

View the Koch-Heck agenda here.

“When you look at all the times Congressman Joe Heck has voted for the Kochs’ radical agenda, it’s clear to see why the Koch-network is spending millions in support of Congressman Heck – he is their puppet,” said Kristen Orthman, Senior Advisor for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Congressman Heck has voted with the Koch agenda – and against Nevada values – on energy and environment issues, to privatize Social Security and to dismantle the bargaining power of unions. Congressman Heck will fight against attempts to overturn Citizens United, which allows the Kochs to funnel millions into Nevada to prop up Heck’s campaign. A vote for Congressman Heck means a vote for the billionaire oil barons Charles and David Koch.”

View Heck’s votes aligned with the Koch agenda on energy, environment, social security, health care, the economy, taxes, labor, education, campaign finance reform and public lands.