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Cresent Hardy Calls West Las Vegas the “Darker Side of Town”

Las Vegas, NV – Tea Party Congressman Cresent Hardy, who has a lengthy history of racially insensitive remarks, offered up a new one in a recent campaign stop at a senior center. According to a story today in the Las Vegas Sun, Hardy started referring to West Las Vegas as“the darker side of town” before cutting himself off, prompting cringes and uncertain chuckles from the mostly African American crowd.

“Once again, Nevadans are reminded that Tea Party Hardy is out of touch with the diverse district he is supposed to represent in Congress,” said Nevada State Democratic Party spokesman Stewart Boss.

Remember, Hardy is the same right-wing politician who:

  • Said he didn’t run for Congress before because the 4th Congressional District had too many minorities. In September 2014, Hardy said, “I didn’t think it was a winnable race…because I thought it was a minority district.” [Ralston Reports, 9/24/14]
  • Supported racist rancher Cliven Bundy, his longtime friend, despite Bundy’s vile racial attacks against African Americans. In June 2014, the Huffington Post reported, “In April, the two rushed to show how much support they’ve given Cliven Bundy during his standoff with the Bureau of Land Management, which has tried to collect land fees from the rancher. Their support for him came even after The New York Times reported on his racist comments toward African-Americans.” [Huffington Post, 6/09/14]
  • Didn’t think Cliven Bundy’s slavery rant was intended to offend anyone. In April 2014, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, “Hardy doesn’t believe Bundy intended to offend blacks…” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 4/29/14]
  • Criticized people in ‘welfare districts’ for driving fancy cars. In February 2014, Hardy said, “If somebody pulls up in a welfare district in a big fancy Escalade, do you think they need welfare at that time? I believe what the founding fathers said: ‘We’re entitled to equal rights, not equal things.’” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 2/19/14]
  • Validated Mitt Romney’s offensive ‘47 percent’ comments, saying it was true and even “bigger now.” In September 2014, Hardy said, “Can I say that without getting in trouble like Gov. Romney? The 47 percent is true. It’s bigger now.” [Associated Press,9/24/14]