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ENGLISH/SPANISH: Congressman Heck’s Campaign Is Lying to Hispanic Voters About His Immigration Record

Congressman Heck voted to defund DACA four times, opposes comprehensive immigration reform


Las Vegas, NV – Congressman Heck’s campaign is lying to Nevada’s Hispanic community about his record on immigration reform. In an interview with a Spanish-language channel Friday, Heck campaign spokesperson Paulo Sibaja said that Congressman Heck wrote an immigration reform bill, but Sibaja fails to mention that Congressman Heck never introduced the alleged bill or that the Congressman blamed immigration activists in Nevada as the reasonwhy he never introduced the bill.

Sibaja also claims that Heck supports immigration reform, but Heck has voted to defund DACA four times, wants to end birthright citizenship, said he did not support the DREAM Act and opposed the Senate’s bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill.

Last week in an interview with Nevada Newsmakers, Congressman Heck blamed Harry Reid and Democrats for not passing immigration reform when they had majorities of both houses of Congress. In 2013, Senator Harry Reid shepherded the comprehensive immigration reform bill through the Senate, but it has been stalled in the House of Representatives since. And since 2015, Republicans have had control of Congress and Congressman Heck has not introduced any meaningful immigration reform legislation.

“Congressman Heck’s campaign should be ashamed of themselves,” said Reynaldo Benitez, spokesperson for the Nevada Democratic Party. “Immigration reform affects the lives of millions of hardworking families and Heck is lying about his record to deceive Hispanic voters. More than twelve thousand DREAMers in Nevada no longer have to live in fear of deportation and are able to fully contribute to their communities thanks to DACA but Joe Heck voted to defund it four times and even backed an amendment by the racist, anti-immigrant Congressman Steve King that would speed-up deportations of undocumented young men and women.  Heck has ignored Latino and undocumented Nevada families and supports measures that undermine their prosperity.  Congressman Heck’s anti-immigrant record doesn’t represent Nevada and it doesn’t represent Hispanics.”


Campaña del congresista Heck miente a votantes hispanos sobre su historial de inmigración

El congresista Heck votó cuatro veces para quitarle los fondos a DACA, se opuso a la reforma migratoria integral

Las Vegas, NV – La campaña del Congresista Heck le está mintiendo a la comunidad hispana de Nevada sobre su record en torno a la reforma migratoria. En una entrevista con un canal de televisión en español el viernes, el vocero de la campaña del congresista Heck, Paulo Sibaja, dijo que el congresista Heck fue el autor de un proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria, pero Sibaja falló en mencionar que el congresista Heck nunca propuso el supuesto proyecto de ley o que el congresista les echó la culpa a activistas en Nevada como excusa de que nunca introdujo su proyecto de ley.

Sibaja también dice que Heck apoya una reforma migratoria, pero Heck ha votado cuatro veces para quitarle los fondos a DACA, quiere socavar la ciudadanía por nacimiento, dijo que no apoyaba el Dream Act y se opuso a la reforma migratoria bipartidista del Senado.

La semana pasada en una entrevista con Nevada Newsmakers, el congresista Heck culpó al senador Harry Reid y a los demócratas por no haber aprobado una reforma migratoria cuando tenían control de ambas cámaras del Congreso. En el 2013, el senador Harry Reid lideró la aprobación de la reforma migratoria en el Senado, pero ha estado atascada en la Cámara de Representantes desde ese entonces. Y desde el 2015, que los republicanos han controlado el Congreso, el congresista Heck no ha propuesto ningún proyecto de ley de reforma migratoria significativo.

“Le debería dar pena la campaña del congresista Heck”, dijo Reynaldo Benitez, vocero del Partido Demócrata de Nevada. “La reforma migratoria afecta la vida de millones de familias trabajadoras y Heck está mintiendo sobre su record para engañar a los votantes hispanos. Más de doce mil DREAMers en Nevada ya no tienen que vivir con miedo de ser deportados y pueden contribuir más plenamente a sus comunidades gracias a DACA, pero Joe Heck votó cuatro veces para quitarle los fondos y hasta apoyó una enmienda del congresista racista y anti-inmigrante Steve King que aceleraría la deportación de hombres y mujeres jóvenes indocumentados. Heck ha ignorado a las comunidades latinas e indocumentadas y apoya medidas que ponen en riesgo su prosperidad. El record anti-inmigrante del congresista Heck no representa a Nevada y no representa a los hispanos”.



Heck Voted For Amendment To Bar The Use Of Funds To Finalize, Implement, Administer, Or Enforce Prosecutorial Discretion To Prioritize The Removal Of Certain Illegal Immigrants. In June 2012, Heck voted for a: “King, R-Iowa, amendment that would bar the use of funds in the bill to finalize, implement, administer or enforce Immigration and Customs Enforcement memos regarding prosecutorial discretion to prioritize the removal of certain illegal immigrants.” The amendment was adopted 238-175. [CQ, 6/7/12; H.Amdt.1266 to H.R. 5855, Vote 363, 6/7/12]

Heck Voted For Amendment To Bar The Use Of Funds To Finalize, Implement, Administer, Or Enforce Prosecutorial Discretion To Prioritize The Removal Of Illegal Immigrants Who Came To The U.S. As Children. In June 2013, Heck voted for a: “King, R-Iowa, amendment that would bar the use of funds provided in the bill to finalize, implement, administer, or enforce a number of policies and memorandums within the Homeland Security Department, including ones pertaining to prosecutorial discretion for illegal immigrants who came to the United States as children.” The amendment passed by 224-201. [CQ, 6/6/13, H.R. 2217, Vote 208, 6/6/13]

Heck Voted To Block The Executive Branch From Deferring From Deportation Any Undocumented Immigrants. In December 2014, Heck voted for: “Passage of the bill that would prohibit the executive branch from exempting or deferring from deportation any immigrants considered to be unlawfully present in the United States. It also would prohibit the administration from treating those immigrants as if they were lawfully present or had lawful immigration status. It would specify that any action taken by the executive branch to circumvent the measure’s prohibitions would be ‘null and void and without legal effect.’” The measure passed by a vote of 219-197. [CQ, 12/4/14; H.R. 5759, Vote 550, 12/4/14]

Heck Voted For An Amendment To Bar The Use Of Funds For Implementation Of Immigration Executive Actions, Including 2012 Actions. In January, 2015, Heck voted for an: “Aderholt, R-Ala., amendment that would bar the use of funds in the bill to implement the administration’s immigration policies or to grant any federal benefit to any illegal immigrant as a result of those policies. The amendment would bar funding for the implementation of the executive actions announced in November 2014, four of the so-called ‘Morton memos’ from 2011 and 2012 focusing on prosecutorial discretion and changes to immigration enforcement priorities and any substantially similar policies issued after Jan. 9, 2015. It also would state that such immigration policies have no statutory or constitutional basis.” The measure was adopted in Committee of the Whole by a vote of 237-190. [CQ, 1/14/15; HR 240, Vote 29,1/14/15]

Heck Opposed The DREAM Act, Saying That It Was Too Broad Because It Allowed Immigrants Up To 35-Years-Old Into The Program. “U.S. Rep. Joe Heck , R-Nev., also is taking a cautious approach. Heck has opposed the Dream Act, which would offer possible U.S. citizenship to young undocumented immigrants who attend college or join the U.S. military. He has said proposed legislation as written is too broad, allowing immigrants up to 35 years old into the program and not requiring they graduate or serve honorably in the military. On Thursday, Heck’s office said he is open to considering a path to U.S. citizenship, depending on the details. ‘He remains opposed to amnesty for undocumented immigrants but looks forward to evaluating legislative proposals dealing with earned citizenship,’ Heck spokesman Greg Lemon said.” [Las Vegas Review-Journal, 1/31/13]

Heck Opposed Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill Passed By The Senate.“Heck says, as opposed to the large bill passed by the Senate, he prefers the reforms be passed as part of a piecemeal effort. ‘If you do smaller bills, they’re more transparent,’ Heck said. ‘Folks get a chance to read through and understand them. The goal is to enact comprehensive immigration bills. I don’t care how we get there as long as we get there.’” [KSNV, 7/3/13]

Heck Said He Would Not Have Voted For Senate Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill. “At the town hall, Heck said he would not have voted for the Senate legislation that passed last week. […] For example, Heck took issue with a clause that calls for 90 percent efficiency in border security before those immigrants who earn a provisional status can move on to permanent residency. He said it would be impossible to measure border security efficiency, and it would be better to simply look at year-over-year border apprehensions and turn-backs. Also, after 10 years, the secretary of Homeland Security can waive the implementation of some of the border security provisions in the legislation, and Heck wants to remove the ‘off ramp,’ making the initiatives mandatory. Finally, he objected to a youth job-training program in the bill, saying it doesn’t belong in immigration legislation.” [Las Vegas Sun, 7/2/13]

Heck: Citizenship Should Not Automatically Be Granted To All U.S.-Born Children.“Republican Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada says citizenship should not automatically be granted to all U.S.-born children.  KVVU-TV reported Wednesday that Heck told constituents that the 14th Amendment that guarantees citizenship to those born in the United States needs to be reinterpreted. Heck spoke during a meet-and-greet with constituents in his suburban Las Vegas district Wednesday night. Heck says children born to U.S. citizens should still be citizens at birth.” [Associated Press, 2/4/11]

Heck Said He Did Not “Necessarily Believe That You Should Have Automatic Birthright Citizenship.” “When Rep. Joe Heck met with his constituents at Green Valley High School, he received many comments about health care reform, the economy and immigration. ’I don’t necessarily believe that you should have automatic birth right citizenship,’ he said. ‘I believe that if you’re born to somebody that is a citizen, that you should have birth right citizenship.’” [KVVU, 2/2/11]


Transcript from Univisión Spanish-language news broadcast:

REPORTER: Some social media sites like Twitter show that Congressman Joe Heck does not support DREAMers and that he even voted to deport them.

PAULO SIBAJA: Those Tweets, and these things on social media is what Catherine Cortez Masto’s campaign is saying and the truth is that they’re lying. They’re lying about Dr. Joe Heck’s record because Dr. Joe Heck has supported immigration reform and as I told you he himself wrote a bill to help them and to give legal status to the immigrants who are here without papers.