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7 Important Questions This Week for Nevada Republicans

Las Vegas, NV – Since Donald Trump became the GOP’s presidential nominee, Nevada Republicans running for federal office this year have been some of the Birther-in-Chief’s most steadfast supporters.


While they’ve been unwavering in their support, these craven Republicans have been ducking and dodging some important Trump questions on the campaign trail:

1. Do they condemn Trump’s latest call to violence against Hillary Clinton?

2. Should Trump apologize for peddling the racist ‘birther’ lie that President Obama wasn’t born in the United States?

3. Do they believe Trump is qualified to have his finger on the nuclear button? (We already know where Heck stands on this… what do you say, Hardy and Tark?)

4. Do they agree with Trump that Vladimir Putin is a better leader than President Obama?

5. Do they agree with Trump’s threat to fire and replace America’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and top generals because they have been ‘reduced to rubble’?

6. Are they concerned about the spike in hate crimes against American Muslims that Trump’s vitriolic candidacy has caused?

7. For the last 40 years, nominees from both major parties have released their tax returns… Why won’t Trump release his? Is Trump hiding the fact that he’s not as wealthy as he says he is?